List of 10 Best Free Educational Apps 2016

In a recent survey, it was estimated that almost 75% of the students are using different latest technology devices like smart phones and laptops for their education purposes and to enhance their grades. Most of them have claimed that they have a better confidence and feel well prepared when they learn through these mediums. These devices help the students have better understanding of things and can easily keep up with the long hours at school. Here is a list of 10 best free education apps that can help you in your learning.

List of 10 Best Free Educational Apps 2016

1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock:

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Free Educational Apps

To begin with, as you know that a good night sleep is very important. If you are not having a proper sleep, there are chances that you could not perform well in the class. This app help analyze the sleep stages of the students and they can fix it, to have better performance in their academic year.
2. Scribd:

Scribd Free Educational Apps

Through this app you can easily get access to millions of books and academic documents. Along with it, this app also recommends users with other books which they might like keeping in mind their likes and dislikes.

3. Duolingo:

Duolingo Free Educational Apps

This is the best app for the students who are trying to learn new languages. It pairs different words with the pictures so that user can have a better understanding of the words and can learn language at a faster pace.

4. Microsoft Office Mobile:

Microsoft Office Mobile Free Educational Apps

The next app in the list of 10 best free education apps is the Microsoft office mobile. It helps you access all the Microsoft office documents in your Android Phone. If you don’t have your laptop near you, you can easily access the files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

5. My Study Life:

My Study Life Free Educational Apps

This app allows replacing paper planners. It keeps the track of your workload on different gadgets and platforms. It keeps the timetable through which you can easily manage your classes. It has a user friendly interface which makes it easy for the users to use it.

6. Easy Bib:

Easy Bib Free Educational Apps

Easy Bib is among the 10 best free education apps available in the market. The toughest and time-consuming task which the students have to face while making their research paper is to prepare the bibliography. This app helps them list down all the references in various different citation styles whether you want it in MLA or APA format. The only thing that students have to do is to just type the name of the book and rest of the citation options will be provided by this app.

7. Wolfram:

Wolfram Free Educational Apps

This app in the list of 10 best free education apps is known as the “Star Trek” of all apps. It has almost 10 trillion data items and 50,000 equations. This app uses this data to solve problems, make graphs along with all the information and the formulas that have been used to solve a problem. It is one of the best tutors and friend a student can have.

8. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy Free Educational Apps

With this amazing application, you can get access to more than 40,000 educational videos regarding Music, Math, Computer, etc. It also helps you have a glance of the admission criteria of different colleges. Students appearing for SAT can prepare themselves with the help of this best free education app.

9. Dropbox Mobile:

Dropbox Mobile Free Educational Apps

Students are required to send and receive files a lot of time. This app helps the students to easily share files and photos. It is quite a helpful device while you are preparing for the group projects. It is among the best free education apps that student can use for their learning purposes.

10. Evernote:

Evernote Free Educational Apps

This is among the best free education apps that was launched in 2008. This has a friendly user-interface which allows the users to make notes, to do lists, make agendas, create reminder and can access data. This app also has a camera which allows the students to take pictures of important documents, business cards or etc.

This was the list of 10 best free education apps which you can use to have better learning and to perform better in your academic year.

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