List of 5 Famous Food Points in Nottingham

Nottingham the amazing city from the legends of Robin Hood. This city has an amazing significance in the British history. Food culture of this city has not changed a lot over the last few decades. As compared to many other cities all over Britain the food in Nottingham is still pretty much British. There are so many restaurants in this city that finding an ideal one for a dinner or lunch could become impossible. So we have created a special list to help you out in selecting a place where you could enjoy some amazing food with British hospitality both as a local or a tourist.

List of 5 Famous Food Points in Nottingham

Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre WhiteFamous Food Point in Nottingham

This restaurant is a new addition to the city and it was opened in 2012. Since the very first day this place has shown that it has the prospect of becoming one of the best restaurants in the city. This place has class to it, it has a unique futuristic feeling to it.

The environment of this elegant place is amazing. The bars, tables, stools, chairs, lighting and décor make this place look amazing and comfortable. Apart from these looks and comfort this place offers a huge variety of foods. The foods they offer are enough to cater your needs no matter you are there for a personal or official dinner/lunch.

Another amazing this about this place is that they offer a huge variety of drinks that you can enjoy almost at any time of the day and relax yourself to the fullest in this place.

Oaks Restaurant and Bar

Oaks Restaurant Bar Famous Food Point in Nottingham

This restaurant is unique in every possible way. They have a unique environment and food. Once you step into this place you will be welcomed with an amazing interior. All the walls are covered with designs of woods which make you feel as if you are sitting in a wooden cabin. Not only this, the furniture is of vintage style, like something from the history.

Well the unique thing about their food is that they cook their food over burning wood. Finding such a place is almost impossible all over England. Their food is cooked slowly which gives it a unique taste. The burning wood also give a special fragrance and taste to the food that almost everyone loves a lot.


Veeno Famous Food Point in Nottingham

Well this is the best place in the city for people who are looking for some high level hospitality and food. This place serves the best food in the best environment. The only problem with this place is that you should have your pockets full in order to enjoy some amazing food at this restaurant.

This place has an executive type of environment which makes it perfect if you are looking forward to host a business related gathering. This place will provide you with all sorts of flavors both in foods and drinks. So once you are in this place be prepared to control your urge of ordering everything that you love. It’s also an amazing place for some special dates like anniversaries.

Calcutta Club

Calcutta Club Famous Food Point in Nottingham

This is a restaurant that serves the best Indian food in a Royal Indian manner. This place is basically looks like a maharaja’s dining room from the 19th century. Everything from furniture to the walls and carpets seems to be from that time. Basically this place serves food in the exact same way as it was served to the maharaja’s after they had finished play polo.

You are sort of at an Indian Royal feast so at this place you will find the best of the best Indian food that Nottingham has to offer. You will find almost every dish from every corner of India so be prepared to get confused regarding your food selection if you are an Indian.


Yamas Famous Food Point in Nottingham

This is the most authentic Greek restaurant that one could find in Nottingham. This place has a certain feeling in it that makes it seem Greekish in every possible way. They have an amazing seating area which can accommodate a good gathering at any time.

Apart from the environment this place also offers some amazing Greek food. Their food as the original taste that you will find if you were ever in Greek. An amazing place to eat of you are with a women because they will love this place and its food no matter what.

These are just a few great restaurants in Nottingham for you. So wait as we compile list of other amazing restaurants in Nottingham and other places all over the world.

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