List of Top 10 Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

Food is something without no one can survive. Food is something for which people are willing to do anything in the world. In today’s world people don’t look for food instead people look for taste in food. Food lovers wish to try every possible flavor from around the world no matter what the cost is.
If you are among these people than you surely are always looking some new foods to try. So today we have a list of foods that you should try if you have ever considered yourself a foodie even once in your life. Finding these foods in today’s world isn’t hard and you might find most of them in your own city or town.

List of Top 10 Best Foods to Eat Once

1. Kimchee

Kimchee Best Foods to Eat Once

This name has been heard by a huge number of people. Especially those people who like Chinese and Japanese foods. Kimchee is a really special dish and anyone will love it. Finding it could be a bit hard at times because the original recipe for making kimchee is a Chinese secret. Kimchee is a second name of fermented vegetables and its originality can only be experienced in Asia. Yet one could find it quite easily in many places so better try once and check its amazing taste.

2. Calf’s Liver

Calf’s Liver Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

Many people might never like to hear about eating calf’s liver. The truth is that it is a must try dish because it has a unique taste that anyone will surely enjoy. Finding the perfect calf’s liver is quite hard so better consult someone who has tasted it. It not only tastes good it has a huge quantity of proteins.

3. Shark Fin Soup

Shark-Fin-Soup Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

It might be illegal in some countries but the reality is that this is one of the best soups available in the world. It is a must try soup at least once in a life time. This soup might not be available in America or Europe. You will need to travel all the way to Japan in order to try this soup.

4. Kangaroo Loin

KangarooLoin Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

This might come as a shock to some but it is an Australian delicacy. This dish can only be found in Australia. Kangaroo Loin is usually served roasted. The meat could be a bit hard yet it has some strong flavors in it.

5. Mahaberawi

Mahaberawi Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

It is a rare delicacy all the way from Ethiopia. It is a combination of different foods all tossed together. All these foods are put over a sort of pancake and eaten by hand. Mahaberawi has a lot of flavors combined to form a perfect flavor.

6. Escargot

Escargot Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

In simple words this dish means snails. Eating snails is something most people won’t even think about because they are slimy. These snails are steamed or boiled with some strong herbs. All this makes an amazingly flavored dish that must be tried.

7. Masala Dosa

Masala-Dosa Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

A thin pancake made from rice flour packed with spiced potatoes and onions. It is something like a taco but tastes way better in India. It is served with different sauces. You will easily find this dish at most of the Indian restaurants so better give it a try some day.

8. Chocolate Con Churros

Chocolate Churros Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

In simple words these are long donuts that are something like a pipe. Inside of it there is a filling of chocolate.
It is best served when freshly fried. Finding one could be a bit hard but try your luck at Spanish restaurants because that’s where it comes from.

9. Khao Soi

KhaoSoi Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

These are Thailand style egg noodles. These noodles are boiled and then thick sauce made from different Asian herbs and coconut milk is poured over it. It is not hard to find and you will surely find a perfect Thai restaurant around you in order to try this dish.

10. Old Forge Pizza

OldForgePizza Best Foods to Eat Once in Life

This is an utterly US delicacy that has its heart in Pennsylvania. It is a double crust pizza and between both the crusts is an amazingly addictive filling. The filling is made by mincing cheese and chicken together and as soon as the crust breaks the cheese and chicken drool out. Better try it once if you are a Pizza lover.

There are just a handful of foods from around the world. Stay tuned as we bring you more foods that you will love to try.

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