List of Top 10 Best Information Technology Companies In Pakistan 2016 - 2017

List of Top 10 Best Information Technology Companies In Pakistan 2016 – 2017

Looking for Information Technology Company to develop a software for your business firm? We are sharing top 10 best Information Technology Companies In Pakistan. In the last decade ago Pakistan has emerged as a great market for developing new technologies. There are thousands of Pakistani companies that are providing all sorts of technological solutions to people and companies both locally and internationally. One thing that makes the Pakistani technology companies apart from rest of the world is that they operate in silence without any publicity in the local market. Majority of people don’t even know about these companies. Here is a list of Top 10 Technology Companies in Pakistan that one should know about:

List of Top 10 Best Information Technology Companies In Pakistan 2016 – 2017

1. Pasban IT Group
Pasban IT group started over as a computer college in 1991 and in the last 25 years a lot has changed for Pasban Group. It has become one of the biggest shareholder in the local software and web market. They have provide one of the best web hosting services in the world and are among top ranked hosting companies according to Google, Yahoo and other international technology companies. Most recently they have become quite popular due to their Lamborghini cars which are one of the most popular cars in Pakistan.

2. Multilynx

Multilynx is a really popular company when we take a look at different IT solution provider in Pakistan. The great thing about Multilynx is that they provide solution of all types ranging from mega solutions for huge companies to small solutions to small companies. The scope of their services is really great and it is expanding with every passing day. They are first choice for majority of companies when they are seeking an IT solution.

3. Corvit networks

Corvit networks is a relatively less known name in the market. Corvit networks has worked behind the scenes for the last two decades and helped in creating some of the biggest networks in Pakistan. They have provided their services to almost all the major telecom companies in Pakistan and enabled them to spread their network all over Pakistan. Not only this, they have also helped majority of banks to offer their online services to the clients. Corvit has partnerships with some of the top vendors of networking products in the world which include Huawei and Cisco.

4. Green Hat World Solution 

Green Hat World is a solution provider which provides software, web and networking solutions to thousands of businesses all over Pakistan. Green Hat World started over a decade ago as a networking company and slowly they went into software and web development. They have created some of the biggest websites and software’s in Pakistan over the years. Green Hat World has become a dream company for majority of new graduates.

5. Seo Tool Station 

Seo Tool Station is a Online Seo Tool  house that basically focuses providing Seo tools. Seo Tool Station has been in the tools market for more than a decade now. In this time they have created tools for some of the top European and American companies. Seo Tool Station has the team of most dedicated and experienced software designers in Pakistan and Uk they all work together to make this company a success.

6. Abacus Consulting

Abacus technologies has been active in the local market for more than two decades now. In this time it has been known as the top technological companies in Pakistan. Abacus consulting is known for introducing the latest technologies to the local market and bringing in different concepts from the developed international market into the local market. They have helped some of the biggest businesses to develop technologically.

7. Wateen

Wateen is one of the most well know companies all over Pakistan. Wateen provides different services to millions of cooperate clients all over Pakistan. They have become one of the biggest and most reliable service providers all over Pakistan over the span of few years. Wateen provides all sorts of networking solutions to the local market using the latest technologies.

8. Aptech

Majority of people know Aptech not as a company but as a college. Aptech has been in the technology market for a really long time. They have been active for more than a decade in the market and they provide their services to many different companies and government institutions. Apart from their technological services they also provide professional IT trainings to thousands of individuals through the Aptech Colleges.

9. Exact

Well they have been hit by many scandals in the last year or so but no one really knows what a large technological company Exact was. Exact was providing software and technological solutions to some of the highest rated clients in the local market. Apart from this exact was a major shareholder in the Gulf software market. It provided software’s, websites and other such services to hundreds of companies in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Their scandal in the last few months no doubt has put them on the back foot but still they are working with full capacity.

10. i2c

i2c is among the top companies that offers it services to companies which are looking forward to launch their products in both local and international markets. i2c provides the latest technological solutions to promote the products. It provides latest advertising campaign idea using technology. While the also create a complete strategies for promoting things through the internet and another forms of media at a really fast pace.

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