List of Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World

In this extensively expanding market of mobile phones, all the brands are being more demanding and are busy in covering some noteworthy role for generating a locus in the market. The opposition of smart phones has deteriorated daily with new item launches happening recurrently. We present the top ten mobile phone brands which serve the whole world with their highly remarkable features and qualities.

1. Apple.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
Apple Inc. is the leading brand of the world as well as a popular brand of United States of America which was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976. The headquarter is in California. Apple is not only busy with mobile phones manufacturing but also designing lots of other device such as, iPod, iPad, Mac Book, Apple TV and Software.


2. Samsung.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
The South Korean international organization, Samsung, has its central origin in Seoul. It was established in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul. It is listed among the top ten most famous mobile phone brands in the world. The company always tries for their clients to provide a great deal in mobile phones that is why they are designing lots of phone models with different qualities.

3. Nokia.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
The company was founded by Fredrik Idestam in 1965 in Finland. The headquarter of Nokia is in Uusimaa, Espoo. Nokia chiefly deals in mobile phones but also has an incredible focus on massive scale telecommunications infrastructure and online mapping services.

4. LG.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
It is a Korean company founded in 1947 and known as the second largest company of South Korea. It’s headquarter is in Seoul. The company provides LG Display, LG Electronics and LG Telecom. The company always introduce new phone models to keep their customer’s attention and provide all latest features in their phones.

5. Huawei.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
It is a tremendous Chinese telecommunication and networking company, the headquarter of which is located in Guangdong, Shenzhen. The brand was established in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei. The company has more than 140,000 workers, and its offices are in Canada, USA, UK, France, Pakistan and several other nations.

6. ZTE.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
ZTE Organization is a China-based renowned multinational telecommunication organization founded by Hou Weigui in 1985. The headquarter of ZTE is in Shenzhen, China. ZTE has a widespread market especially in Australia, Germany, USA and Hong Kong. The organization offers mobile phones, telecommunication software and wireless products to its clients.

7. Blackberry.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
Blackberry was founded in 1984. The headquarters are situated in Waterloo, Canada. Blackberry phones were specifically for business men or the people who wants to spend money to get the blackberry brand. The brand provides many features in their phones which attracts people across the globe the most, like easy push mail option, BBM, and many more.

8. Motorola.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
The company was founded in 1928. It is an America based company and is very reputed in mobile phone companies list as well as stands at number 8 on the top ten list. Motorola is another company which deals in Mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, radios, networking system, cable TV system and Wireless Broadband networks.

9. Sony.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
Sony is a Japanese company founded in early 1946 by Masaru Ibuka. It is one of the best cell phone organizations in the world. It mainly concentrates on providing electronic articles such as gaming consoles, refrigerators, TVs and other such appliances as well as amazing cell phones to the customers.

10. HTC.

Best Mobile Phone Brands in the World
HTC was established by Cher Wang in 1997. It is a well renowned Chinese company which offers excellent quality products. HTC offers only smartphones as mobile phones and are one of the leading manufacturers of Android phones.

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