List of Top 10 Effects of Video Games on the Brain

Video games are all around you whether it is on your computer, laptop or cell phone. Even the small kids start playing games on the cell phone and they are addicted to it. Though elders believe that video games are spoiling their kids but let’s take a look at some surprising ways through which video games can affect your brain.

List of Top 10 Effects of Video Games on the Brain

1. Relationship with Siblings:

The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

In old times there was a saying that “a family that slays together stays together”. It was considered a silly thing but it has become a fact now. Siblings who play violent video games together have lesser conflicts as compared to other siblings. And according to a research video games help increase the affection among the siblings. So playing video games together can help strengthen the relationship among the siblings and can make a strong bond.

2. Sensitivity towards Morality:

Sensitivity towards Morality - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

In the video game world, new type of video games has been introduced like Morality video games. In these games, you have given a chance to select whether you want to be good or evil, and whatever characteristic you will choose will affect the ending of your game. During the game, player will get a chance to go through all the emotions and can have a better feeling. Such games can help you become a better citizen and better person.

3. Antagonism:

Antagonism - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

Studies have shown that video games increase the aggression but it again depends upon the type or genre of the game you choose. People who play the character of a hero are less antagonism as compared to the people who play the role of a villain.

4. Reaction Time:

Reaction Time - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

You may be aware of the fact that when you are trying to finish something quickly, you always end up doing something wrong. According to a research, people who play video games in which they have to think quickly and have to take an action like shooting have better abilities to sense, track, judge things and react on them.

5. Avatar Effect:

Avatar Effect - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

If you believe that playing a video game with your own character will help you become a better person or less aggressive. But researched have shown that the more time you will spend customizing your avatar, the more aggressive you will be regardless of the character you are playing in the game.

6. Emotional Reactions:

Emotional Reactions - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

Some people are obsessed with certain video games and they can do anything for them whether it is collecting the extensive series of the game or cruelly killing the people in the game while they are in the character. According to a research it has been shown that video games extract special emotional reactions from the players.

7. Self-Esteem:

Self Esteem - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

People who are obsessed with video games have their persona favorites and they try to imitate them. Not only this, they Coplay their favorite character so that they can earn a living while being their favorite character. A study was made on such people and was found that people who usually stay in their character of their favorite video game character have low self esteem. It can be disappointing that you may find your perfect partner but end up knowing that he/she is not real. This does not mean that you just quit playing games but getting obsessed with them can be dangerous.

8. Regulation of Feelings:

Regulation of Feelings - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

You won’t be surprised to hear that nowadays video games are being used for different sort of treatments. People who have regular panic attacks or are facing anxiety or eating disorders can be treated with the help of special video games. They are being used to regulate your feelings and overcome all the issues without any extra medical help.

9. Insensitive towards Death:

Insensitive to Death - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

Video games open the whole new world for us, where we can live the way we want to, we can create empires, we can destroy things, we can be the superheroes, we die and then can come back to life and what not. According to a study, it was found that people who are use to of playing violent games are insensitive towards death and can even commit suicide without any fear. So, try to keep your child away from such games.

10. Being a Spectator:

Being a Spectator - The Effect of Video Games on the Brain

Being a spectator is one of the worst things that human have. Psychologists have found that the more people you will found in an area the lesser will be a chance that someone will move forward to help. They start to rely on others. On this basis a research was made according to which people who play solo games are more helpful to others as compared to the people who play team games. In solo games you don’t have to rely on anyone and you know that whatever is the situation, you have to face it. While in team games you can depend on others which make us coward and hard to face problems alone.
This was the list of 10 ways your brain is getting affected by video games. Though playing games is not prohibited but you have to be choosy while selecting a video game for yourself or your child.

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