List of Top 10 Epic Games of 2016 Part 3

Here is the list of 10 worth waiting Epic Action RPGs Games for the year 2016:

10 Epic Games of 2016

Dark Souls 3:

DarkSouls3 Epic Games of 2016

Here is the new addition in Hidetaka Miyazaki’s disruptive series of unforgiving action RGS games and we don’t know too much about this third entry. Dark Souls 3 is developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and the game will be release on 12th of April 2016. To kill the spring optimism Dark Souls 3 is just sounding like the perfect way.

Death’s Gambit:

DeathsGambit Epic Games of 2016

Here is another exciting addition to the list of Action RPG games which has one hell of an immediate impression with its intricate, oppressive art direction and consequential combat. You will also encounter giant monsters, kill them and climb them throughout the game besides the staving off intimidating foes and weathered timeworn landscapes.

Hyper Light Drifter:

HyperLightDrifter Epic Games of 2016

Heart Machine has developed Hyper Light Drifter Action RPG game and this game is published by In-House. This game will be released in spring 2016 and it seems to be the rare adventure in which they find out the balance between nuanced action and delightful exploration. This game is very colorful, pretty meth and it gives you a sense of split-second brutality.


Necropolis Epic Games of 2016

When Necropolis crops up, “Roguelike” and “Dark Souls” are both thrown around but learn to exploit a monster’s favorite food is really pique our interest. Necropolis is developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by In-House. This game will be release in 2016 and it is very interesting Action RPG Game type. This game comes up with a punishing third person combat system which is wrapped up in a colorful low-poly aesthetic.

Paradise Never:

ParadiseNever Epic Games of 2016

During the revolution of 2027, the official synopsis of an action RPG game Paradise Never is set on an Island Colony of France. There is a lot of unpacking in the game and after three days, the revolution fails. You return to the first day of the cycle when each time you die. Paradise Never is developed by Kitty Lambda Games and published by Devolver Digital.


Bombshell Epic Games of 2016

Bombshell is an action RPG game which is originally designed as a Duke Nukem and in the game after licensing battle went pear-shaped the bombshell had to shift gears. Bombshell is developed by Interceptor Entertainment and published by 3D Realms and the game release in the beginning of 2016. The game also features a wisecracking, bigger-than-life Shelly Harrison instead of a wisecracking, bigger-than-life Duke Nukem.

Underworld Ascendant:

UnderworldAscendant Epic Games of 2016

Underworld Ascendant is developed and published by OtherSide Entertainment and will be released in November 2016. In this Action RPG game, Paul Neurath returns with his resurrection of Ultimate Underworld. The first person RPG in the game is backed by the set of intertwining system and is set in the Stygian.


Eitr Epic Games of 2016

We are champing at the bit for the release of this Action RPG game Eitr with a Dark Souls/Diablo feel and stellar pixel art and animation. It is a 2D isometric action game with some interesting sound features and it takes place in a dangerous Norse fantasy setting.

The Technomancer:

TheTechnomancer Epic Games of 2016

In the game, you are a cross between cybernetically and wizard enhanced warrior as a Technomancer. On the planet of Mars, this RPG from spiders can take place which after losing contact with earth has descended into chaos. It is developed by Spiders, published by Focus Home Interactive and will be released in 2016.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen:

DragonDogmaDarkArisen Epic Games of 2016

This game is developed and published by Capcom and was released on 15 of January 2016. This Action RPGs Game is now coming to PC in which RPG was released on Consoles a few years back to the great critical acclaim. The game contains lots of new features and its one of the coolest feature is being able o create companion characters called pawns.

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