List of Top 5 Famous Food Points In Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the most prominent cities in England. This city has its own importance in England and one of the best thing about this place is its pure English cuisine. In the recent decades cuisine all over England has been highly influenced by cuisines of other counties. But in Birmingham this effect has not been so much prominent. This place is still English enough in terms of cuisine.

These are hundreds of food places to try out in Birmingham and these places can cater needs of everyone’s taste buds quite easily. So no need to worry if you are unable to decide about a restaurant in Birmingham because we have formulated a list of the top 10 restaurants in Birmingham that you should try once.

Famous 10 Food Points in Birmingham

1. Adam’s

Adams Food Points in Birmingham

This is one of the best restaurants in Birmingham and everyone in the city cherishes this place. They have recently moved to a new location and their new place is marvelous. They serve a huge variety of food for all sorts of people.
The best thing about them is that with the passage of time they have improved their menu in all possible ways and this process is still going on. Their food will never disappoint anyone. Their environment is suitable for all sorts of gathering friends, family, and official and so on. So chose this this place if you don’t wish to get the best in the town.

2. Highlands Bar & Grill

Highlands Food Points in Birmingham

They have the best grilled food in the city. Basically they are a restaurant that combines the French flavors with the English ingredients. They have an amazing menu that could cater the needs of every food lover. This place has the best grilled meat in the city and one should at least try this once.
Their grilled food is not like other restaurants. Rather their food is less smoked which keeps the originality of the taste. Not only food but their environment is also amazing. They have a really comfortable environment that will surely suite everyone.

3. Bodega

Bodega Food Points in Birmingham

Bodega is one of the most popular bars in the city. They have an amazing environment that is loved by people specially students. Youngsters frequent this place due to the unique South American food that they offer. Their food has South American authenticity in it so everyone loves this place.
The best thing about this place is that it is economical and people can eat at this place on daily basis. The food that they serve has flavors that majority of other places can’t offer. Another amazing thing about this place is the music that they play, they play the traditional salsa and samba that increases the taste of their food.

4. Purnell’s

Purnells Food Points in Birmingham

An exquisitely British Gourmet Restaurant that has the best gourmet dishes in the town. This place is basically a Victorian building that gives this place an entirely English feeling. Inside the environment is also English and one could spend an entire sitting inside enjoying food with some good company.
Another specialty of this place is a special menu that has dishes that are entirely made from home grown ingredients. These dishes have a unique taste to them and people love these dishes because of their simplicity. Their salads are also a must try if you are a veg lover.

5. Annexe

Annexe Food Points in Birmingham

A vintage English restaurant. This is an amazing place that has some amazing food that is made in the traditional English manner. The environment of this place is unique. This place seems to be somewhere in the 70’s.
Everything from the seating to curtains has a touch of the 70’s in it. You will have some great time at this place because they have a really funky yet amazing environment. An amazing place to hang out with friends.

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