List of Top 10 Famous Food Points In Bradford

Bradford is an amazing place in England. It has people from diverse ethnicity settled in one single area. So this small area has a diverse cuisine which people love and all these people originating from different parts of the world love tasting new foods.

If you are someone living in Bradford than you can easily try new dish from a new restaurant every single day. All this has made people of Bradford foodies from birth.

So if you are confused in selecting a certain type of restaurant in Bradford than we have a comprehensive list of food points that you should try once in a while. So we hope you will be trying one of these places soon:

Famous Food Points In Bradford

1. Forks Cafe

Forks Cafe Famous Food Points In Bradford

They are one of the best café in the city. They serve a really wide variety of food. An ideal place for families.
They have an amazingly friendly environment and everyone will surely love it. The place quite spacious and one could host some great dinners here for friends and family. Their food is amazing because they serve some amazing English, Arabian and desi food.

2. Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Bangkok-Thai-Restaurant Famous Food Points In Bradford

Almost everyone loves to try some Thai food once in a while. The best thing about Thai food is that it can be eaten at almost any time of the day. Usually people crave Thai food late at night and problem with this is that people can’t find any place to get Thai food. Well this place will provide you with Thai food to fulfill your late night cravings.

3. My Lahore


Well the name says it all. This place is named after the Lahore city which is considered the taste hub of subcontinent. This place has the best flavors from the subcontinent. So if you are a desi or more specifically a Lahori than you should try out this restaurant.

4. The Imperial

The-Imperial Famous Food Points In Bradford

True English restaurant with the authentic English flavors. So if you ever wish to taste something English than this place is the best place in Bradford. They serve the juiciest duck, salmon, lamb and many other things. The best thing about this place is their environment and everyone will love their simple yet elegant environment.

5. White Horse Inn

White-Horse-Inn Famous Food Points In Bradford

A place with true English environment. Everything from seating to the food is made in an authentic English style.
If you are up for some lite food or a snack than this place could be a great option. Better give it a try to get some English treatment.

6. Cheese and Chutney

CheeseandChutney Famous Food Points In Bradford

Well the name says it all. They have combined two distant cuisines together, the English cuisine and traditional Indian cuisine. They serve some amazing chutney that could be enjoyed at any time. Be careful because some of their dishes could be a bit spicy.

7. Towngate Fisheries

Towngate-Fisheries Famous Food Points in Bradford

In mood for some seafood? Well this place is the one you need to go. They serve some of the best seafood in Bradford. Their specialty is that they serve fresh seafood which tastes miles apart from many other restaurants. So give this place a try.

8. Treehouse Cafe

Treehouse-Cafe Famous Food Points in Bradford

Well their name tells a little bit about them. All their interior seems to depict as if you are sitting in a tree house. Their seating is made from wood and that gives an amazing feeling.It’s a great place for families because the food that they serve is really lite and everyone will find something for themselves in their menu.

9. International Restaurant

International Restaurant Famous Food Points in Bradford

It is no doubt as the name says an international standard restaurant. Their interior is lush and high-level.
It is an ideal place for hosting official gatherings and you will have some amazing time here. Not only this if you are the host than your guests will have the freedom of choosing from a large menu that has everything in it.

10. Karachi

Karachi Famous Food Points in Bradford

One of the oldest food points in the city and with the passage of time they have improved and no competitor has ever come near to them.They serve the best curries in the traditional subcontinent style. So you will love this place with your heart.

These are just a few places in the city and there are many more. So wait as we bring you more lists to make your decisions easier.

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