List of Top 10 Food Trucks in New York

Food trucks for an essential part of the New York cosine. Spotting a food truck is not a least bit hard if you are in New York. People love eating food from the food trucks on the GO.

Majority of people who have office jobs like getting their lunch from the food trucks. Food trucks offer all sorts of foods that one could even think of. Finding quality food trucks could be a tough task and it could take some time.

So if you are among people looking to try some great food from a Food Truck than this list is for you. Following are the Food Trucks that you must try if you are in New York.

Top 10 Food Trucks in New York

1- Cinnamon Snail

Top Food Trucks in New York

Dishes having cinnamon in them are favorites of millions of Americans. People love having cinnamon snacks in lunch and Cinnamon Snail is among the best places for this.They provide the best cinnamon snacks in the city that anyone could catch during their work day. Better give this place a try if you are craving some cinnamon flavor.

2- Country Boys

Top Food Trucks in New York

Looking for some Mexican Food? Well if you love food trucks than Country Boys could be your best option for Mexican food. They serve the most delicious Mexican food that anyone will love to try. Not only this, their food seems to be authentic Mexican because they use the best spices that enhance the taste.

3- GO Burger

Top Food Trucks in New York

Who doesn’t love burgers and while in New York one has to try some burgers at least once. GO Burger food truck is the best food truck if you looking for some great burgers. They are located a bit far off from the dense areas so getting to them could be a bit hard. One thing is for sure that they are the best burger truck that you will spot in the city.

4- Korilla BBQ

Top Food Trucks in New York

BBQ is something that everyone will love to taste no matter what time of day it is. People in New York have a unique taste for BBQ and Korilla BBQ truck offers them the best they could get on a food truck. Their BBQ has juicy flavors that people love. They make BBQ on coals which gives them a unique taste for which people could do anything.

5- Luke’s Lobster Truck

Top Food Trucks in New York

Many people think lobsters to be something served at high-end restaurants. Well this place serves amazing lobsters that you might not find in some of the top restaurants. A huge number of seafood lovers visit this truck on daily basis because they cannot find another place that can rival this food truck.

6- Patty’s tacos

Top Food Trucks in New York

Tacos are among the foods that is most loved by the Americans. Americans eat more tacos than any other country, possibly more than the Mexicans. If you are looking for some street taco’s in New York than this truck is your destination. You will find it somewhere around the Union Square.

7- Thai on Wheels

Top Food Trucks in New York

Looking for some Thai food on the street. Well they are your best possible option. They have the most authentic Thai Food available on the New York streets. The best thing about them is that they rival the top restaurants in food quality and taste. Better try it once in a while and you will surely become a regular.

8- The Halal Guys

Top Food Trucks in New York

They are widely known for the Halal food that they serve due to which a huge number of Muslims visit this truck. The best thing about them is that they serve some amazing Arabian and Asian foods that Muslims usually prefer. Even if you are not a Muslim than you need to try this place once in a while.

9- Waffles & Dinges

Top Food Trucks in New York

Waffles are a delicacy and everyone has to try them at least once. They have a unique taste that almost anyone will fall in love. This food truck has made millions of fans since it was aired on TV. Since then it has become a lot more popular with the New Yorkers.

10- Uncle Gussy’s

Top Food Trucks in New York

They serve some high quality food on a truck. Better try this food if you are a fan of quality meat. They have the best meat dishes that you will find on the street.Give this place a try and you will forget many great restaurants. They have a unique taste that everyone loves to try once in a while.

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