List of Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand 2017

Handbag is one the necessary components to elevate the grace of your personality. Every woman desires that her appearance from head to toe should look perfectly startling so mere a handbag should not be left behind to get the perfect look. Branded handbags with stylish patterns and designs are now carried by women worldwide. But firstly, a woman should see her budget and then buy the best and the most suitable and popular handbags according to her persona.

Here is a list of top 10 most popular handbag brands that are sold and liked by the women worldwide. These brands not only provide us with trendy handbags but also fashionable jewellery, shoes and other accessories as well.

1- Michael Kors

michael-kores Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

Michael Kors is one of the oldest brand providing us stylish and elegant handbags of different kinds and sizes It enjoys the fame of being top selling brand because it comes in different prices from the affordable ones to the expensive range. The American brand has won many prestigious awards because of the quality of products they give. Thus the pricey ones are surely worth the quality.

2- Chanel


Chanel is one of the most reliable brands of the world. Coco Chanel launched it in 1909. The company not only manufactures great quality handbags but also shoes, clothes and perfumes. The superior quality handbags it supplies are mostly preferred by the divas and celebrities to carry at big events, movie premiers and award ceremonies.


gucci Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

The internationally admired brand started as a small leather goods shop in 1921 and now provides us with superb quality handbags, perfumes, clothes and jewellery. Every category of handbags from this Italian brand is equally like by women across the world.

4- Hermes

Hermes Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

Hermes (a French Company) is one of the most expensive and luxurious brands because of the best quality of leather handbags it provides. Matte Crocodile Biking Bag which was named after the actor and singer Jane Birkin is one of the most expensive bags of this brand. It also supplies exclusive quality leather jackets which are liked by people across the world.

5- Marc Jacobs

Marc-Jacobs Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

The brand founded in New York, is well renowned for its alluring and durable handbags. They use special sort of crocodile skin for its manufacturing. They provide with the finest notch bags, perfumes and also clothes. It has many outlets across the world as it is an internationally loved brand.

6- Prada

Prada Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

The Italian brand has always provided us with unique and best quality handbags. Established it 1913, it now manufactures jewellery, clothes, watches, perfumes and shoes other than just amazing handbags. The exclusive designs of clutches are very popular among woman. The designs get better and better with the passage of every season.

7- Louis Vuitton

Louis-Vuitton Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

It provides us with lavish and beautiful handbags and elegant & modern fashion accessories. Marc Jacobs has been associated with Louis Vuitton since 1997. The quality of the exceptional handbags can never be doubted upon.

8- Burberry

Burberry Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

Burberry was originally founded in Spain but now it is counted among one of the top brands of the world. The brand provides handbags with affordable prices which are of good quality and designs as well. Every year, the new bags launched by the company are even more beautiful than the previous ones.

9- Lana Marks

Lana Marks Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

The handbags are handcrafted in Italy with the skins of crocodile, lizards and ostrich. It is a well-recognised brand in providing good quality leather goods particularly hand bags. They also have belts, shoes and apparels.

10- Mouawad


Mouawad Top 10 Most Popular Handbags Brand

The headquarters of this splendid brand are located in Middle East. It provides us with greatest quality hand bags, finest jewellery and outstanding clothing range. The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse has been made up of 18 karat gold, and is an elegant product of the company.

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