List of Top 5 Famous Food Points In Singapore 2016

Singapore has been known for its multicultural cuisine all over the world for a really long time. Singapore’s cuisine has been highly influenced by Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian and European cuisines over the last few years. All this has led to the formation of the current Singaporean cuisine that is loved by almost everyone. It is rather necessary that one should try all the amazing foods that Singapore has to offer. There is a huge number of people who have preferred staying in Singapore because they can’t stay away from the Singaporean food. Here is a list of some best food spots in Singapore created with collaboration of some of the biggest foodies who know everything about food. It is rather compulsory for you to try all these places if you ever end up in this amazing city.

List of top 5 Famous Food Points In Singapore

1. Hotpot Kingdom

Hotpot Kingdom Famous Food Points In Singapore 2016
It is one of the best places to hangout if you are looking for some amazing views and exquisite food. This place is basically situated on a boat. Yes! A boat and not just any ordinary boat. It is a steamer which makes it an amazing place that people must see for themselves to realize how great it is.
Enough with the views and all that. This place also serves some of the best food in the city. It is a must try place for people who are visiting the city for the first time specially couples. Their specialty is creating broths that could be considered one of their kind in the world. These broths are simmered for hours and hours unless they have the perfect taste and texture.
There broth will surely get anyone addicted within no time.

2. TAO Seafood Asia

TAO-Seafood Famous Food Points In Singapore 2016
If you have a least bit of liking for the seafood in your heart than this is the place that you must try. They offer one of the best Seafood in Asia. Here you will find all sorts of seafood originating from India, China, Indonesia, Japan and all other places all over Asia.
This is an ideal place for non-Asians to try the Asian Seafood at its best. This place has an amazing crowd looking forward to taste some amazing food so better book before going. You will find this place addictive as a foodie.

3. The Find

The Find Famous Food Points In Singapore 2016
The name says it all about this food. If a foodie lurks into this place than it will be their best find in their eating carrier. This place has some of the best food to offer for people who wish to taste the simple foods.
All their food is homemade and this means it has a touch of local cuisine in it. Their food has taste that makes people to come by again and again on regular basis. It is a favorite place for people who have to eat outside food on daily basis.

4. Hong Lim Food Center

Hong-Lim-Food Famous Food Points In Singapore 2016
This is a must visit place for anyone who love food. Here you will find an immensely large number of stall serving all sorts of foods. If you are in Singapore for a long interval of time than you should consider trying all these stalls.
These stalls offer tastes from around the globe. Here you will find fast-food, seafood, Indian curries, Korean broths, Japanese noodles, Chinese soups and God knows what else. Just think of a food and you will find it in some corner of this place.

5. Lollapalooza

Lolla Palooza Famous Food Points In Singapore 2016
The name says it all about this place. This restaurant doesn’t have a unique name it also has some unique foods that you must try. They offer some of the best foods from around the world that are worth trying. Their uniqueness lies in the things that the make their food from and lambs heart is one of them.
If you have ever craved for some sort of grilled food than this place is the one you should go. They serve grilled food from all over the world if you want some Indian grilled lamb or chicken or some Mediterranean Sea Bass this place will have it for you. So be prepared from some new and amazing tastes in this great place.

These are just a handful of places. Singapore is filled with thousands of other food spots that are worth trying. The best way to find them is to get on the street and look around. You will love each and every restaurant in Singapore because food really matters for the Singaporeans.

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